Lauribeth Roemer - Director
Biography Coming Soon!

Kayla Lowe - Assistant Director
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Neva Gomez - Infant Nursery Supervisor
Has worked at Eagles’ Nest since 2006, and has 15 years of experience working in an Early Childhood Education setting. She has her Infant Nursery Supervisor qualifications through Expanding Quality Care for Infants and Toddlers. Neva focuses on a nurturing and warm environment for the infants to grow and develop on an individual basis.

Salina Gomez - Toddler 1 Supervisor
Has worked at Eagles’ Nest since 2010 , she has 6 years of experience working with young children. She has her ECT qualifications and focuses on creating a classroom that encourages her toddlers to explore their environment through play based learning and developmentally appropriate practice.

Katie Cornwell - Toddler Teacher
Has worked at Eagles’ Nest previously and recently returned in 2016, she is ECT qualified and has 9 years of experience in the Early Childhood Education field. She supports Ms. Salina in developing age appropriate activities that are fun and interesting to their children while maintaining a safe and secure environment.

Cherie Gomez - Toddler 2 Supervisor
Has worked at Eagles’ Nest since 2007, she has an extensive background in Early Childhood Education and has been working with young children for 25 years. She creates a classroom atmosphere that is child focused to support their interests and builds her lesson plans around them.

Angela Essex - Toddler Teacher
Has worked at Eagles’ Nest previously and returned to Eagles’ Nest in 2015. She is ECT qualified and assists Ms.Salina and Ms. Cherie in maintaining a safe, fun and developmentally appropriate environment for the children.

Alyson Brown - Interim Director
Has been working at Eagles’ Nest since 2009, she is ECT qualified and runs the preschool program as well as the Culture of Wellness program. Ms. Alyson uses Creative Curriculum to provide the children with learning opportunities in all of the developmental areas. She uses the Teaching Strategies Gold Assessment tool to make sure each child’s individual learning needs are met.

Tammy Gagnon - Preschool Teacher
Tammy has been working at Eagles’ Nest since 2010, she is ECT qualified and supports Ms. Alyson in making sure a developmental appropriate environment is sustained on a daily basis. She uses guidance techniques to support the children’s social emotional development before entering Kindergarten.

Mary Lou Price - Substitute Teacher
Is a substitute teacher at Eagles’ Nest that has her nursing license. She covers classrooms and works with all of the age groups.

Linda Craig - Substitute Teacher
Ms.Linda is a substitute teacher that works in the Toddler and Preschool classrooms, she also works at the Gilpin Rec Center, Library and School. Ms. Linda volunteers at the BackDoor Theatre in Nederland as well. She is an avid member of our community and we love having her here with our children.

Juanita Essex - Chef
Has recently returned to Eagles’ Nest in 2016 as our chef, Ms. Juanita loves to find new and healthy recipes for the children and love is the main ingredient in her cooking. Ms.Juanita can also be found working in the classroom, as she loves to spend time with the children.



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