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At Eagles’ Nest Early Learning Center we are dedicated to providing a caring, nurturing learning environment that focuses on the child as a whole and offers them fun, engaging learning activities throughout the day. To facilitate this we utilize the Creative Curriculum teaching strategies, Butterfly Phonics Program, and ABC Music and Me Program.

We use Creative Curriculum in all of our classrooms. Using this Curriculum, the daily routines of our classrooms are full of meaningful experiences creating the foundation for early learning. This comprehensive curriculum allows teachers to use a developmentally appropriate practice approach and program blueprints. The program is dedicated to the belief that children learn through four types of play: functional, constructive, dramatic, and games with rules. This teacher-driven play allows children to learn about the world around them, think about what they are doing and ask questions, learn the different use of play materials, and create relationships in socio-dramatic play. The creative curriculum educator has a keen sense of watching for opportunities to encourage children to learn, expand their knowledge of the world around them, and master challenges.

We also utilize the Butterfly Park Phonics program in our Toddler 2 and Preschool rooms. This research-supported action-based program is aimed at providing a reading foundation for each child that is focused on letters and sounds of the alphabet.

Additionally, we offer the ABC Music and Me Program through Kindermusik in our preschool room. This program allows for children to be exposed to many different musical instruments and provides children the understanding needed to see patterns in music and nature and respond to music emotionally.

ABC Mouse is a technology based program, used for 10 minutes daily where children focus individually on cognitive and language development through games.

Culture of Wellness/ I am Moving, I am Learning is our health, nutrition and safety program that supports healthy lifestyles habits such as, children trying new and healthy foods, supporting physical activities at least 60 minutes per day, and limiting screen time. This program is made up of a parent and teacher board that meets monthly to implement new healthy attributes to our curriculum and daily routines.