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Welcome to our nest!

Eagles' Nest Early Learning Center welcomes all children!

Eagles' Nest mission is to provide high-quality, safe, and affordable childcare in Gilpin County, Colorado, to children from families of all income levels, without regard to race/ethnicity/color, mental or physical handicap, sexual orientation, or religious preference. We strive to serve all families regardless of economic and societal background. Our program is based on the philosophy that children should be nurtured through consistency and security; teachers and parents should work together to meet the needs of children; and the center's learning environment should be a happy and positive one.

When gaming came to Black Hawk, it was considered the new gold rush. Gilpin County morphed into a popular destination. The population has doubled since 1990. Gilpin County currently has around 6,000 residents. Before the gaming industry moved into Gilpin County, the residents of Gilpin County would commute from the mountain to Denver or Boulder for employment. Families utilized the local in-home daycares or enrolled their children in childcare centers close to their place of employment. Many families of Gilpin County have found employment at the casinos and non-resident casino employees commute up to Gilpin County for work. The county prepared a needs assessment and determined the vital need for childcare within the mountain communities. Thus, quality care was created, and Eagles' Nest Early Learning Center has remained the county's hub for childcare services for over 25 years.

Our Philosophy